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    Combining the latest technology with superior customer service

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    Luxury Floral e-Tailer

    Since 2022

    Luxury Floral e-commerce provider with a patent
    approved platform that provides an automated
    buying experience to customers that need to order
    for large groups of recipients. We focus on premium
    quality packaging materials and the freshest
    flowers possible. Everything is made-to-order for
    the discerning customer.
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    Furniture & Home Goods

    Since 2007

    Big Box Furniture Co is an award-winning firm that has been providing superior products and services for over 17 years. we focus on modern and contemporary furnishings and custom designed pieces for the discerning customer. We utilize the latest technologies to provide a modern buying experience to our customers
  • Our goal is to provide an exceptional buying experience

    We are focused on providing the best customer service and support combined with the latest technology and tools to ensure the highest quality shopping experience for our customers.


    Multi-National Focus 

    Modern e-Commerce

    For the Affluent Customer

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    Premium Products and Service Offerings for the Discerning Customer

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    330 SW 2nd St Fort Lauderdale FL 33312